I recently graduated for the master track Building Physics and Services at Eindhoven University of Technology. Until now I did the following research.

In the links below you can find out more about my work:

Master thesis - Design of an Atmospheric Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel

!!!"Design of an atmospheric boundary layer wind tunnel" by J.B. Barlow contains an error in the pressure loss coefficient. The revised equation can be found in this report!!!

In this research I Analysed the pressure loss in various duct systems and development of a tool to calculate and optimize the pressure loss in a wind tunnel or other duct systems. I used this tool for five design proposals, ranging in possibilities and price. At the moment the TU/e is working to built one of these designs.

Master Research Project - Whistling Buildings origins and prevention

In this research I linked physical characteristics of whistles (laminar flow, periodic vortices, amplifier) to architectural factors (free flow, slits / bars, repetition). The result is a model which gives an indication for the chance of whistles around buildings.

Master research project - Taxandria Museum Turnhout, Research of Indoor Climate

In Turnhout (Belgium) three museum had humidity problems. This research, which was part of a promotion research, was commissioned by municipal Turnhout. For two years I measured the Temperature, the relative Humidity, and the ventilation, at 25 points in the Taxandria Museum. The aim, an indication of the variations in climate, and recommendations the stabilize this for the benefit of the collection.

Future of Simulations

A report for state of the art in building performance simulation.

Matlab Introduction for Building Physics and Services

  • Full report (Dutch)